Panther Cleaning Instructions

Panther Cleaning Instructions

Warning! Do not over tighten, hand tight is perfect!


The Panther comes in three parts: From left to right, internal diffuser: outer tube: inner tube.

This is an over barrel Moderator and the thread on the internal diffuser screws directly on to the barrel of your Rifle. Grease your threads with ceramic paste.

  1. Place the internal diffuser in to the outer tube, lining up the notches, push in gently.Screw in the inner tube, this will secure the internal diffuser.
  2. To take apart the Panther, unscrew the inner tube a little way and give a gentle tap upwards on the bottom of the inner tube, this will release the internal diffuser, unscrew the inner tube all the way out and lift the internal diffuser out of the top.
  3. Cleaning is ESSENTIAL … The .17 and .22’s are a notoriously dirty round.
  4. To clean, neat washing up liquid on the internal diffuser, scrub with a brush then run under the hot tap, the same for the inner and outer tube, dry with a cloth and leave to dry completely in a warm place.
  5. Reassemble … GREASE YOUR THREADS!
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