Panther Cleaning Instructions

Panther Cleaning Instructions

The Panther comes in three parts: From left to right, internal diffuser: outer tube: inner tube.
This is an over barrel Moderator and the thread on the internal diffuser screws directly onto the barrel of your Rifle. Grease your threads with ceramic paste.

1. Place the internal diffuser into the outer tube, lining up the notches, push in gently.
Screw in the inner tube, this will secure the internal diffuser.

2. To take apart the Panther, unscrew the inner tube a little way and give a gentle tap upwards on the bottom of the inner tube, this will release the internal diffuser, unscrew the inner tube all the way out and lift the internal diffuser out of the top.

3. Cleaning is ESSENTIAL … The .17 and .22’s are a notoriously dirty round.

4. To clean, neat washing up liquid on the internal diffuser, scrub with a brush then run under the hot tap, the same for the inner and outer tube, dry with a cloth and leave to dry completely in a warm place.

5. Reassemble … GREASE YOUR THREADS!

Panther Cleaning Instructions


To allow any condensation to dry, it is recommended to remove the Moderator after each use and spray a small amount of light gun oil onto the moderator. Also apply a light grease to the thread on the moderator and barrel to prevent corrosion and for ease of re-fitting the Moderator.

When stripping down the moderator for cleaning, soak the diffuser in neat washing up liquid and leave it for 10 minutes, then scrub with a brush and rinse in hot soapy water along with the black outer baffle and the rest of the parts, dry them thoroughly and wipe over with an oily rag. When reassembling it is a good idea to put a SMALL amount of grease such as Ceramic grease onto the threads.

If using a Sonic Bath to clean your Moderators, please DO NOT use caustic solutions as these could damage the coatings, especially on the outer tubes, use a simple solution of washing up liquid, this is more than sufficient.


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If your gun is already screw cut for a moderator, simply screw on carefully to avoid cross-threading the moderator, screw the moderator in reverse for 1/2 turn is the best way to get it started.. Be especially careful with the Cub, it is manufactured from a very tough plastic, but it can still get cross threaded and this could have dangerous consequences.

Predator 8 & 12 Wildcat Evolution and Panther - Initial Fitting

Must be carried out by a competent gunsmith - even if the rifle barrel is already screw-cut for a Moderator

If your gun is already screw-cut for a moderator:

The Predator moderators extend back from the muzzle and there is a rear bush that needs to be modified to suit your barrels outer diameter

If you know the outer diameter we can machine the bush for you before shipping, otherwise any competent lathe operator or gunsmith can machine the bush to your barrel dimensions.

If your gun is not screw-cut:

A thread will need to be cut on the muzzle with a lathe; this is something we can do for you, or by any competent gunsmith.

Please note

The thread on the rifle and the thread in the Predator and Evolution bridge must match It is advisable to use only as much force as can be applied with the fingers of one hand Do not over-tighten. Over-tightening may result in loss of accuracy