Ammoprogun Shotgun Care Kit with Free Bag


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Ammo Pro Gun Cleaning Range

Two years of practical field trials and laboratory development means we can offer the sportsman The Best performing gun cleaning and maintenance products available today! Tested against the best to be the BEST!

Tested in the harshest environments and under the most extreme conditions to give maximum performance and reliability. AMMO is supplied in manual sprays which give 2-3 times more product than traditional aerosols. We prefer to give our customers product not propellant! Designed to make gun maintenance quick, easy and economical.

Many thanks to Richard Utting at Sharpshooting UK and all at Langholm Shoot for their invaluable help and advice when developing our products.

Ammoprogun Shotgun Care Kit with Free Bag

Great value Shotgun Care Kit has all you need to clean, lubricate and maintain any shotgun from Old English Guns to modern day Game and Clay guns.

Supplied in a pull string bag for easy storage and easy transportation when shooting away from home.

Shotgun care Kit Contains

  • Ranger XR-1 Gun Oil
  • XP-1 Precision Gun Oil
  • Lightning XT-1 Neutraliser/Cleaner
  • Gun Care Cloth

Ranger XR-1: Originally developed to protect and lubricate military armament.

Unique Proto Guard technology allows Ranger to creep over any surface and penetrate the smallest tightest gap to give optimum lubrication and protection. Super low stiction ratio for supreme reliability even under extreme use.

XP-1:A refined fine oil with super low stiction ratio for the ultimate smooth action of triggers, ejectors, rifle bolts etc.

Anti-corrosion and Anti Oxidation properties to protect valuable guns even further!

Lightning XT-1Neutraliser/Cleaner: A fast flash-off/low odour super high performance cleaner for all cleaning/ de-oiling/de-greasing of guns and gun parts.

Also use to NEUTRALISE any bore cleaning products.

Gun Care Cloth:A premium quality microfibre gun care cloth for very quick drying of wet guns and for general oiling and cleaning duties. This cloth will very quickly absorb water and dirt when the wet day in the field is finished.

The microfibre cloth electrostatically draws mud and dirt into the fibres to eliminate scratching of wood and metal on your expensive gun!

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